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As the top driving and motor training institute we consider it the responsibility to provide best training to our student enrol with us. We take due care to provide training to our students in both practical as well as theoretical aspects. Therefore, our training gives a reasonable weight to both parts. While 30% weightage is given to theoretical part, 70% weightage is laid on practical training.With us you can learn domestic and international driving laws, driving directions, driving postures, proper usage of clutch, breaks and accelerator, how to build ideal speed and basic maintenance of the vehicle.

Our team includes trained and experienced driving instructors and that is the main reason we are able to provide credible training to our clients. Special training is also provided to lady clients and with our superior training facilities and safety standards; we are now a known name as the best driving school for women. With our top notch training facilities our school has earned a place in the people’s heart as a trustworthy and reliable place where they can get the confidence to take on the roads.

Here are some of the topics covered by us:

First day:

How to use all traffic signs

Second day:

Knowledge provided about the minor mechanism of cars

Third day:

Vehicle moving

Fourth day:

Steering and control

Fifth Day:

Lessons about clutch and accelerator

Seventh Day:

Lessons on safety

Eighth Day:

How to change gears 1 & 2

Ninth Day:

How to change gears 3&4

Tenth Day:

How to change from a higher gear to lower gear and lower gear to higher gear

Eleventh Day:

How to maintain discipline in lanes

Twelfth Day:

How to maintain safe distance from other vehicles

Thirteenth Day:

Straight reverse

Fourteenth Day:

How to park left reversing

Fifteenth Day:

Left and right reverse

Sixteenth Day:

Parallel parking with the difficulty of cones

Seventeenth Day:

Left and right turns

Eighteenth Day:

How to overtake in a safe manner and cross road

Nineteenth Day:

Refresher of U turn practicing of all types

Twentieth Day:

How to stop your car why the driving downhill and move front

Twenty First Day:

How to stop a while driving uphill and move in front

Twenty second Day:

Test drive



Where to Find Us

Charles A. Roberts

1661 Ferry Street Killen, AL

Zip: 35645

Phone : 256-757-3397

Email: roberts@frontline-apologetics.com

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