Our team and course content

Our team consists of Managing Trustee, Coordinator and Instructors. Other team members are highly experienced and knowledgeable and have spent more than two decades in motor training. We have the skills and expertise to train in a wide range of vehicles and we provide training in both two wheelers and four wheelers. In our team we have both male and female instructors who provide training according to the requirements of the client and ensure that the students are in complete ease, so that they can imbibe the lessons fully well. Of late we have included latest technologies in our training facility and we continuously upgrade our knowledge and know how.

Here is a short overview of the course content:

  1. Traffic signals
  2. Mechanism of the vehicle
  3. Various alignments
  4. Maintaining discipline while driving
  5. The best ways to avoid accidents on road
  6. How to improve fuel efficiency of a vehicle
  7. Thorough knowledge about motor vehicles’ rules
  8. Techniques to control mind while driving
  9. DIYs
  10. How to replace tyre
  11. How to replace battery
  12. Things to be checked daily
  13. Save driving instructions through videos and films
  14. Group discussions
  15. Practical lessons by driving on roads and variety of traffic conditions
  16. First Aid



Where to Find Us

Charles A. Roberts

1661 Ferry Street Killen, AL

Zip: 35645

Phone : 256-757-3397

Email: roberts@frontline-apologetics.com

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